See how the Rivian explores the aerodynamics of an electric pickup.

See how the Rivian explores the aerodynamics of an electric pickup.

March 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A Michigan startup is going to launch several models on one platform at once, but a pickup named R1T should be the firstborn. Rivian engineers, as is officially reported, devote a lot of time to the aerodynamics of their future innovations, as they are trying to achieve the maximum possible power reserve, which also depends on air resistance.

In addition to the original design and quite impressive load-carrying capacity, the Rivian R1T also announced a quite competitive power reserve. According to preliminary data, depending on the battery used, it will be from 400 to 640 km. But it is possible that in the process of preparing a pickup for the pipeline, the numbers will grow further: Rivian claims that they are currently studying a number of “racing technologies” for applicability in their first model.

Given the intensity of the work on the aerodynamics of the body, the Rivian R1T pickup may become the most aerodynamic pickup on the market, although its air drag coefficient is unlikely to exceed the 0.23 shown by the Tesla Model 3 sedan.

“Our full-scale tests in the wind tunnel confirmed what we already knew: if you want to go fast, go alone, want to go as far as possible, go with someone. One of the reasons that R1T is better in aerodynamics than any Another pickup in the world lies in the years of the joint work of our specialists – designers, engineers, modellers, in order to ensure the maximum possible power reserve, “said Rivian.