See how the electric cars Porsche Taycan

See how the electric cars Porsche Taycan

October 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Porsche details Taycan electric car manufacturing process

The video demonstrates the Taycan production process from body welding to the final inspection of a finished electric vehicle.

The first Porsche-brand electric-powered car to be manufactured at a factory in the Zuffenhausen district in the north of the German city of Stuttgart, where the 911 and 718 sports cars are made. The construction of a new production site for the Taycan took less than four years. It was crucial for Porsche to produce the Taycan at the main plant in Zuffenhausen, which the company calls the “heart and soul of the brand.”

Porsche prides itself in producing Taycan with zero carbon emissions. New production facilities not only use electricity from renewable sources and biogas to generate heat, but are also highly energy efficient. As examples of rational solutions, the company mentions the use of electric vehicles for domestic transportation, the use of excess heat in the paint shop and greening the roof.

Just preparing for the construction required the transfer of jobs to 5,000 employees. To produce an electric car, a body shop, a paint shop, a plant for the production of electric motors and components, a workshop for assembly, as well as related transport infrastructure were created. The materials of the demolished premises were processed directly at the construction site for reuse in new buildings.