See how Tesla originally escaped the accident

See how Tesla originally escaped the accident

September 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A clear demonstration that power is never too much

Some say that powerful cars in the city are completely useless, but this video proves the exact opposite.

It is not known why the driver of the Tesla Model 3 electric car looked so carefully at the rear view mirror while standing in traffic, but the fact remains: this helped him avoid a serious accident. Noticing in the mirror Nissan approaching too fast, the driver of which was behaving inappropriately, he managed to literally jump away from the collision, for which, of course, one should thank the impressive acceleration of his electric car.

Well, thanks to the regular all-round cameras, the driver avoided a collision with a passing car in front. This is the case when rapid acceleration came in handy in a normal traffic jam, and not on a race track. In cars with electric power plants, as you know, maximum traction is available from the very first moments of pressing the accelerator pedal.

The owner of Tesla wrote in a commentary on the video that he had never in his life ever appreciated the dynamics of a car like this time. By the way, in a recent crash test of the Euro NCAP organization, the Tesla Model 3 electric car managed to set an absolute test record, gaining 94 percent for the operation of active security systems. In standard tests, the sedan, however, also received decent results.