See how robots collect Porsche Panamera and Macan

See how robots collect Porsche Panamera and Macan

January 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Serial production of the 5-door fastback Porsche Panamera and Macan compact crossover is launched at the company’s plant in Leipzig (Germany).

The German brand Porsche is slowly preparing to launch its first ever fully electric car into production, but the production of the rest of the models still takes place according to the highest quality standards throughout the entire network of factories. We like to watch expensive sports and luxury cars going, and we were especially happy when we came across this new video.

The shots show the production processes at the Porsche plant in Leipzig (Germany), this is where the Panamera fastback and Macan crossover are assembled.

The capacity of the company is designed to produce more than 160,000 cars per year, which is quite impressive, considering the price and exclusivity of these two models.

Production begins in the body shop, where robots assemble the frames and exterior panels of cars, using the exact combination of in-line drilling, riveting, laser welding and crimping. Then, the tested bodies are sent to the paint shop, where the first layer of paint is an electrophoretic coating used to protect against corrosion. After applying all layers of paint, the body is subjected to a 35-minute drying process at 133 degrees Celsius.

As stated in the video description, “the assembly line is the place where newly painted bodies become luxury cars.” It is here that plant employees begin to install internal components, which, depending on the specification, can consist of 200 individual parts. After that, under the bottoms of cars, robots are issued suspension components, brakes, fuel lines and much more.

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