See how making unique Bugatti for 5 million euros

See how making unique Bugatti for 5 million euros

May 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Bugatti Divo made its debut in Pebble Beach back in August 2018, but has since barely appeared in public – with very few exceptions.

And the point here is not only that the circulation of the model is limited to only 40 copies – just the delivery of machines to customers has not yet begun. This is because each compartment is built according to an individual project, and sometimes this process can take more than a year.

A company from Molsem announced that soon the first hypercars will be handed over to customers. On this occasion, she spoke in detail about how her personalization program works, and showed examples of unique design.

There will be no new customers for the brand among Divo owners: they all have at least one Chiron in their garages, so Bugatti already knows their tastes. However, the configuration that takes place at the buyer’s personal visit to headquarters takes almost five hours, with a team of 15 people involved. More than two-thirds of customers decided to make their Bugatti Divo unique, and many came up with their own ideas.

In the case of Divo, you can choose not only colors, leather, fabrics and stitching. Someone orders a design with a flag, a family coat of arms, embroidery of the partner’s name on the door panels; selects shades exactly to the color of a handbag or favorite pair of shoes. Even the grille can be made unique, the main thing is not to violate the general corporate identity. The development of a new color can take up to 4 months, leather trim – up to 9 months, and the exclusive carbon interior will take up to a year. At the same time, once every two weeks, fresh photos are sent to customers, documenting the process. The company mentioned a buyer who has been customizing for more than a year.

Recall that the Divo, named after the racer Albert Divo, is built on the basis of the Shiron, but differs significantly from the latter – optics, body kit, chassis settings, reduced by 35 kg weight. Since the car was created for winding tracks, its maximum speed was reduced from 420 to 380 km / h, but the downforce was increased by 90 kg. On the Nardo test track, Divo outperforms not only the base Chiron, but also the Chiron Sport. Such a hypercar costs 5 million euros