See how Ford Focus without bumpers rides over the bumps

See how Ford Focus without bumpers rides over the bumps

January 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In fact, enthusiasts are very mocked by this American car. Yet it is very funny, though rather cruel.

As a mastermilo82, the guys from the YouTube – channel mastermilo82 chose the first generation Ford Focus wagon as their new car for their tower projects. The guys are really interesting, they are constantly coming up with some kind of “adventure” for poor cars. Why, poor? See it.

This time, the experiment was to see what happens when you drive a car without shock absorbers or, in the case of the Focus, struts.

Both elements perform the same function – damping the movement of the springs – although the strut also serves as a structural part of the vehicle’s suspension. That is why the racks on this Focus were drilled and not completely removed, which allowed the oil inside to completely drain. As such, they are now metal shells, giving no damping force.

  What becomes of the car becomes apparent as soon as the Focus hits the road. Without any resistance, the springs cause the car to constantly bounce like a kangaroo on cocaine. Poor Ford just can not cope with such attacks – in the end, he jumps so hard that he loses control. In the end, the front suspension — or what’s left of it — collapses under load.

  Knowing these funny guys, there is no doubt that the wagon will be repaired in order to take part in more than one crazy experiment.

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