See how car colors have changed since the 90s

See how car colors have changed since the 90s

October 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Automotive palette has become noticeably less vibrant over 30 years

A Reddit user posted a graph showing the distribution of car colors by year. It clearly demonstrates that in the early 90s, much more bright cars were produced, and at the beginning of the new millennium, the trend changed sharply in favor of gray, black and white cars.

The graph is based on data from Poland, but similar trends can be seen in Russia. The research results, published in July, showed that the most popular car colors in 2019 were silver and gray. The second place went to white, which is the color of 23 percent of Russian cars.

The situation is similar in the United States. According to The Drive, the country produced more than 23 percent of white cars and the same number of black cars last year, while purple and its shades were the least popular.

According to the largest supplier of paints and coatings PPG Industries, the global gamut looks even more “boring”: in 2018, 39 percent of all cars in the world were painted white, and in 2019 their number decreased slightly – by one percent. Despite the slow change in trends, experts predict that more “colored” cars will appear on the roads in the coming years.

“While consumers are now more likely to choose conservative colors, green was previously incredibly popular. Since 1999, motorists have favored neutral options, but green is slowly gaining ground, ”said Jane Harrington, PPG top manager of automotive coatings.

In addition to green, the prevalence of blue and blue coatings is on the rise, with 11 percent of these cars in Europe last year, up one percent from a year earlier. In Russia, their share is 10 percent, which makes blue and its shades the second most popular after white, black and gray.

According to experts, the “fashion” for neutral colors is associated with their utility and versatility. Such cars are easier to sell, less visible dirt and scratches, and if the body panels are damaged, it is easier to find new ones for replacement.