See how BMW engineers turned water into 50 hp

See how BMW engineers turned water into 50 hp

January 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This rather complex process, which the engineers of the Bavarian brand were able to understand very clearly in this six-minute video.

More than three years ago, the premium brand BMW introduced the high-performance M4 GTS – its first car with the Bosch water injection system. With this system, the M4 GTS is capable of generating maximum 493 horsepower. However, this process, it is about getting additional power using water, previously used by Chrysler and Saab, as well as in the aviation industry, has never been fully understood by all those interested in cars.

Fortunately, the engineers of the Bavarian BMW brand were able, in our opinion, to more or less clearly explain this engineering miracle.

So, the main purpose of the water injection system is to reduce the temperature in front of the combustion chamber in order to prevent the possibility of engine detonation or early ignition. This is done by spraying distilled water onto the intake manifold, which comes from a 50-liter tank in the trunk. But how does this provide an extra boost in 50 hp engine power?

  Apparently, with denser air and lower temperatures, BMW was able to increase the load from the turbocharger from 17.2 to 21.6 PSI. Increased acceleration should, of course, increase the final power. That is why the M4 GTS can develop 493 hp 49 hp compared to the regular M4.

Another advantage of the water injection system is that it can reduce the thermal load inside the engine parts, such as pistons, exhaust valves and catalytic converters, since they will operate at lower temperatures. The turbocharger will also be subject to a lower thermal load.