See how Bentley experts test every detail of a future car

See how Bentley experts test every detail of a future car

April 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

At the Bentley factory in the British city of Crewe, there is a workshop closed to all visitors, which is the “test house” for parts already manufactured. Michael Stockdale, the head of metrology at the British automaker, and 25 other people measure every piece of the future Bentley car to the highest standards of accuracy.

Each component of all Bentley cars manufactured is flawless, and Mr. Stockdale and his team measure every component from the smallest washer to the body panels and interior trim to ensure that no component is within tight tolerances. For example, to ensure the perfect fit of interior elements, an error of only 0.15 mm is allowed.

 In fact, Bentley can work with very small tolerances. A key example is the crankshaft inside the 6.0-liter W12 Bentley engine, with small grooves that hold a microscopic film of oil.

They use a high-precision instrument designed to measure surface cleanliness to ensure that these shallow grooves are within the previously calculated tolerances, which helps each W12 engine generate such high power and have a decent level of reliability.

 “We have tools to measure everything: from the graininess of the skin to the surface of the cylinder bore, to fractions of a micron,” said Stockdale. After individual measurement, all components are again measured as part of the finished vehicle.

 Not only individual components are measured, but also entire cars. There are “cubic” reference cars in the department – the entire body made of solid aluminum, which serves as a template for comparing the panels and components of the interior. They allow you to scan every millimeter of the body to create a complete and accurate “car map”, which is used to compare with finished cars.