See how a Skoda Octavia coupé would look

See how a Skoda Octavia coupé would look

November 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The designer depicted the fourth generation of the Czech two-door bestseller

Hungarian designer Samok Tamas, known on the Internet under the nickname X-Tomi, introduced what a new generation of Skoda Octavia coupe would look like.

As you know, the fourth-generation Skoda Octavia will traditionally be presented on the market as an elevator and station wagon. The X-Tomi designer decided to virtually expand the Octavia model line and add another option to the gamut – an elegant coupe. The car received a swift silhouette and large rims with thin spokes. A stylish two-door would surely appeal to fans of the Czech bestseller around the world, but it is hardly destined to ever be embodied in metal.

Skoda showed the new Octavia in two body types at once, and the station wagon will be available before the liftback. The car has grown in size: the length has increased to 4689 mm, and the width – up to 1829 mm with a constant wheelbase. Externally, the Octavia has become much more similar to the flagship Superb model, and the interior from a technical point of view resembles the Volkswagen Golf of the eighth generation.