See how a car wash under pressure destroys a car

See how a car wash under pressure destroys a car

November 10, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Found the answer to the question of what will happen to the car, if you wash it with a water jet under a pressure of more than 3000 bar.

Many of us used self-service car washes, knocking dirt from the body with a powerful jet of water with our own hands. However, some complain that the pressure is not strong enough to remove even ordinary dirt without residue from the first time, not to mention the bugs spread at speed and the traces of fallen poplar buds. But everything has its own explanation.

Experts believe that the best for car washes is a pressure of 100–150 bar, which will not damage the paintwork and the plastic lining of the body. A pressure of 200 atmospheres and above is already unsafe, so trusting a car wash under such pressure is better for a professional. For reference: at a pressure of 1000 bar, water can cut concrete. And what will happen to the car after washing with a jet of water flying out under the pressure of 3000 atmospheres? Everything will be cleaned: windows, plastic, tires, paint … Only bare, twisted metal will remain. It turns out not washing, but cutting under high pressure.

This poor Peugeot 206 had no chance to survive. He lost not only glasses, but also some devices, as well as plating elements, on which the jet fell. Even the wheels could not stand the pressure of the water and it seems that the metal of the body itself was seriously damaged.