See how 11 riders in a row did not fit into the same rotation

See how 11 riders in a row did not fit into the same rotation

September 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Only five pilots of the Citroen DS3 Cup coped with the control and did not fly off the track

During the Citroen DS3 race in the Danish city of Silkeborg, a mass accident occurred – immediately 11 out of 16 pilots lost control and flew off the track one after another in the same corner.

On the sixth lap of the race, a heavy downpour began abruptly, which is why almost all the pilots lost control in the corner: the cars were on slicks and did not have time to “change their shoes” on rain tires. As a result, at the same turn immediately 11 pilots took off from the track in turn: they collided with each other and with obstacles, and some even turned over. Only five Cup participants did not participate in the mass accident.

This spring, on the test track Top Gear staged a large-scale race in the pouring rain. 30 cars took part in the drag race – from modern supercars to vintage classics. But it was not possible to complete the race: even modern supercars with four-wheel drive could not cope with the control and flew off the track.