Sedan Hyundai Sonata became a plug-in hybrid

Sedan Hyundai Sonata became a plug-in hybrid

July 10, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Hyundai began in China receiving orders for the Sonata PHEV sedan, reports the portal AutoHome. The rechargeable hybrid is able to drive on electricity, without turning on the gasoline engine, 75 kilometers away.

Under the hood of the plug-in hybrid – a two-liter petrol engine with a capacity of 156 horsepower, working on the Atkinson cycle. Together with him – an electric motor with a return of 68 horsepower. The battery capacity is 12.9 kilowatt-hours. It allows you to drive 75 km without turning on the petrol engine.

The externally connected hybrid can be recognized by special streamlined wheels, a hidden exhaust port, a Plug-in label, and, most importantly, a round-shaped charging interface on the front left-hand wing.

Last winter, Hyundai introduced the recharged Sonata for the US market. But the Chinese car differs from it with a more capacious battery with a capacity of 12.9 kilowatt-hours versus 9.8 kilowatt-hours for the American version.

Release of the hybrid Sonata PHEV sedan for the Chinese market will be established at the Beijing-Hyundai JV plant.