Sedan Genesis G90: update against a downturn in sales

Sedan Genesis G90: update against a downturn in sales

June 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A fresh portion of pictures of the restyling version of the flagship Genesis has been published. The brand belongs to the company Hyundai.

In the Korean market, a large sedan Genesis came out in late 2015, at home the model is called the EQ900. In 2016, sales began in the US and the Middle East, the export name – G90. In the second half of this year, the brand will present an updated four-door sedan. The first shots from the tests of the modernized EQ900 / G90 appeared on the web in March, but now the public on Facebook Motors Jason published fresh footage.

The new photos show that the Genesis sedan received two-tiered lights, connected by a jumper from below. The rear number moved from the trunk lid to the bumper. In addition, thanks to previous pictures, we know that the G90 also acquired a new radiator grille and narrow headlights.

While there is no data on whether there will be changes in the engine range of the sedan. In Korea, the pre-reform Genesis EQ900 is available with a gasoline-turbocharged V6 3.3 T-GDi engine (370 hp), V6 atmospherics 3.8 GDi (315 hp) and V8 5.0 GDi (425 hp). All engines are combined with an eight-speed automatic. In the States, the four-door sedan can be bought with engines V6 3.3 (365 hp) and V8 5.0 (420 hp). In the Korean and American markets, the model has a rear or four-wheel drive (HTRAC).

By the way, Korea still has a stretched version of L: the length of this modification is 5 495 mm, the wheelbase is 3,450 mm. At standard “four-door” these indicators make 5 205 and 3 160 mm accordingly.

In the home market, EQ900 sales are falling: if in 2016 in Korea, 23 275 sedans were sold, then last year – 12 271 cars. Exports, on the contrary, grew: 5,015 vehicles in 2017 compared to 2,834 units in 2016. However, do not forget that the export markets G90 is not from the beginning of 2016.