Secret collection of 88-year-olds Plymouth will be auctioned off

Secret collection of 88-year-olds Plymouth will be auctioned off

November 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

It was possible to find retro cars only after the death of the owner

The VanDerBrink Classic Car Auction in the United States will feature a huge collection of vintage cars assembled by American banker Paul Eder. In the collection, which the man has replenished for many years in secret from everyone, there are truly unique models.

Paul Eder began his passion for classic cars several decades ago. However, for his relatives, the banker’s hobby turned out to be a real discovery. Dozens of unique retro cars were discovered only after the death of the owner in the premises of the former salt mine.

In a secret collection, 14 Plymouth models from 1932 were discovered. Among the collector’s favorite brand, there are very rare specimens. For example, a man owned a four-door Phaeton convertible, of which there were only 259 examples. In addition, one of six RHD Plymouths ever built, five classic roadsters, a three-axle coupe and even a car belonging to the South African embassy were found in the garage.

Aside from Plymouth, the retro collection includes 50-year-old replica Auburn Boattail Speedster and Cord Roadster, as well as four DeSoto’s from the 60s and a 68-year-old Dodge. The youngest examples of the collector are a Mercedes 280cSE from the early 70s and a 1984 Chevrolet car transporter.

Judging by the photographs presented, the banker’s huge collection includes both perfectly preserved cars and examples that require serious restoration. Most of the models stood motionless in the room for a long time, therefore they are covered with a thick layer of dust. The auction will take place on November 14, during which each unique retro car can be purchased separately.

Five vintage Cadillacs were put up for sale in California in mid-June for $ 155,000. The vintage collection, which includes cars from 1954 to 1960, as well as the legendary 1976 Eldorado, could only be purchased together.