Sebastian Vettel: Win very nice!

Sebastian Vettel: Win very nice!

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Singapore, Sebastian Vettel won the 53rd victory in his career. For the German, this success was the first from last year’s Belgian Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel: “To win is very nice! I had to try, but now I’m incredibly happy! Great race, congratulations to the team!

The beginning of the season was not easy for us, but in the last few weeks we have gained speed – I am proud of the work of every Ferrari employee. And I also want to thank the fans. The previous few weeks were not the best for me, but I received a huge number of letters with words of support. People told their stories, how they coped with difficulties themselves – this added me confidence in my own strengths, and today I tried to squeeze the maximum out of myself and the car. It’s nice when your efforts are finally justified!

Pit stop? No, I was not called at the last moment. On the contrary, it even seemed to me that it was too early for a pit stop, since there was no certainty that the tires would withstand a long second stretch. I drove the first lap as fast as possible on fresh tires, because I saw that the leaders – especially Lewis Hamilton – did not stop at the pit stop. I was very surprised that after a few laps I was ahead of Lewis and Charles.

Further, the race was very intense. I tried to protect the tires and at the same time break through traffic as quickly as possible, so that I could calmly control the situation later. Due to the departure of the safety car, there was no quiet control, but still I kept my position, as the SF90 drove better with each lap. At the time of restarting on cooled tires, it was not easy for me every time, but I drove first, and in such a situation the leader always has some advantage.

Have I decided on a pit stop on my own? No, my engineer called me for fresh tires just one turn before entering the pit lane. “I did not know if one of the rivals went to a pit stop, then the lag seemed to me too big, but in the end everything worked out.”