Sebastian Vettel: While I do not feel confident in the car

Sebastian Vettel: While I do not feel confident in the car

March 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Friday in Melbourne Ferrari racers worked with the settings and rubber, analyzing the behavior of the machine in warmer conditions than in the pre-season tests.

Sebastian Vettel (5th): “An interesting day. We may not be as fast as we could and as we would like, but today it’s only Friday, so it doesn’t matter. I am sure that on December 1 no one will remember what our speed was on March 15!

I still lack some confidence in the car. Today is a difficult day. Our positions do not yet correspond to the desired, not so much in terms of speed, but in terms of the sensations of the car and its controllability. We could not enter the rhythm, and this is very important on the track, where there are so many bumps. But tomorrow everything should be better. It is necessary to combine everything and spend a better day tomorrow. There is a long evening ahead. We have smart engineers. I’m calm”.

Charles Leclaire (9th): “Busy day. We tested different tires and configuration options, I was pleased with some aspects. The first session was better than the second, perhaps because during the day the wind intensified and it became more difficult to find the correct guidelines. I talked to the engineers – we know what needs to be improved, and we will move in this direction. We have another session where you can apply the solutions to which we come, and prepare for the qualification. “

Mattia Binotto, Team Leader: “The most important part of the first training program of the season is to understand the behavior of the car in order to prepare it for the qualification and the race. And when there are a lot of bumps and a strong wind on the track, it is really disturbing. While the racers do not feel well enough car. We need to work with the settings and prepare for the qualification “.