Sebastian Vettel: We are in better shape than a year ago

Sebastian Vettel: We are in better shape than a year ago

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the winter tests at Ferrari showed their speed, but at a press conference on Thursday, Sebastian Vettel admitted – he does not know what to expect from rivals …

Sebastian Vettel “In my opinion, now our position is better than at this time last year, because then the pre-season tests were not so good, I had to solve some problems. Then in the race we were lucky with the safety car – it brought victory.

But now we are in better shape than a year ago. The machine works efficiently as long as there are no problems. You always worry a little when you don’t know what positions you’re in, but we have a positive attitude, the team has a great atmosphere, we are happy to be here and start the fight.

Chasing the car of the opponent or overtaking is not the main thing on the tests, but it seems that almost nothing has changed. I hope, thanks to the new rules, this year will be easier to overtake. We’ll see. But on the tests, I did not attack my opponents so much to draw conclusions.

As for the fight with a partner, I doubt that now it makes sense to talk about situations where the team can bet on me. In my opinion everything is very clear, and Mattia also made it clear that we can fight with each other. I think that Charles will do everything for himself and the team. The same applies to me. In the end, we are in favor of Ferrari, which means that we will try to return the team to the position to which we have been striving for the last few years. This is the main thing. Ahead of the long season, and now it makes no sense to talk about possible scenarios. “

Sebastian Vettel also commented on the news about the sudden death of FIA race director Charlie Whiting.

“Like all of us, I was shocked by this news, because I spoke with him yesterday,” said Vettel. – During a walk on the highway, we together went through several first turns.

I have long known Charlie – he was always his for racers. There are rules, there are we, and he was always in the middle. He could always ask any question – he was open to all. He could be contacted at any time.

He was a racer and just a very nice person. I am shocked and do not know what to add. Of course, at such a difficult moment, the thoughts of all the drivers, the entire paddock, all the organizers of the races, the whole world of Formula 1 and not only with him and his family. ”