Sebastian Vettel: Success was a matter of time!

Sebastian Vettel: Success was a matter of time!

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The victory of Sebastian Vettel in the Singapore Grand Prix was the third in a row for Ferrari this season – the last time the Scuderia racers won three or more races in a row back in 2008. Second place Charles Leclair brought Ferrari the first victory double with the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2017.

Sebastian Vettel (1st): “After yesterday’s qualification, where I could not get the most out of the car, I am pleased with how everything went today. Success was a matter of time! The past few weeks have been difficult, but I knew that I could make a difference. I did not stop believing in myself and today, thanks to the excellent support of the team, on the track and in Maranello, we achieved a result that we should always strive for.

I held a wait-and-see position until I was called for new tires. I did not expect to stay on the track for so long, but the decision turned out to be the key – I returned to the empty track and was able to drive at my own pace, having won the time from the others. By the first exit of the safety car, I was leading with an advantage of almost five seconds. Then the race was still interrupted by restarts, but I managed to maintain concentration and avoid mistakes.

It is too early to say whether victory means that we can be competitive on all remaining tracks. In Singapore, as in Monaco, the pace is set by the one who rides ahead. On rolled tires, Hamilton seemed faster than us – which means that we must continue to work on our racing pace. The new products brought to this stage have worked, made us more competitive – we are moving in the right direction. ”

Charles Lecler (2nd): “A positive weekend for the team. We went to Singapore without high expectations, so a winning double is a pleasant surprise and a sign that the team’s hard work is paying off.

With that said, of course, I’m a little disappointed to finish second. However, I am sure that our race was aimed at maximizing the team result. We have achieved this, and it’s good.

We know that we have great potential, and continue to work in this direction in order to perform in the remaining six races as best as possible. I look forward to the next stage in Russia. ”

Mattia Binotto, team leader: “Today’s victory double is very important for us, because we achieved the result in different conditions and on the track, which is very different from Spa or Monza. The team controlled the situation, pit stops went smoothly. Aerodynamic innovations prepared for this stage, worked properly. In combination with the confidence of our riders and the work of the tires, we were able to do everything right, achieving today more than we expected.

Sebastian well done, he deserved to win! We were the first to call him to the pits to protect the position, since Max Verstappen was also going to a pit stop. In addition, for Sebastian, this was the best opportunity to overtake Lewis Hamilton. In addition to this, we knew that Charles would have a pit stop on the next lap, and it was important that both riders did not stop on the same lap.

Trimming was very effective. Sebastian piloted very quickly on new tires and was able to win back the position at Charles – these are the races. For his part, after an impressive performance in qualifying, Charles spent the race confidently and stably.

The machine is fast and stable, and the team works perfectly and responds to circumstances. We are all very happy about this victory. ”