Sebastian Vettel leaves Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel leaves Ferrari

May 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In Formula 1 – sensational news: Sebastian Vettel will leave Ferrari in late 2020. Today, the four-time world champion and the Italian team officially confirmed this information.

Vettel’s contract with Ferrari ends this year and the German does not want to continue it. The leadership of the Italian stables invited him to remain in the team for another year, but subject to a decrease in salary.

Sebastian Vettel did not like such conditions, especially since his young partner Charles Leclerc already continued the contract with Ferrari until 2024. It should be noted that last year Leclerc showed himself better than the more titled Vettel.

Daniel Ricardo from Renault and Max Verstappen from Red Bull claim to be a German in Ferrari. By the way, Vettel can return to Red Bull precisely, because it was in this team that he got all his champion titles. Also, a place in the car was already offered to the pilot by Renault and McLaren.

Recall that Sebastian Vettel joined Ferrari in 2015. The German driver driving a red car won 14 Grand Prix and twice became the silver medalist of the World Cup, but could not win it.