Sebastian Vettel: In Sochi, one of the most technical tracks

Sebastian Vettel: In Sochi, one of the most technical tracks

September 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ferrari racers have won all the races after the summer break and hope to build on this success in Sochi, where the team still has not been able to win, although its pilots went up to the podium five times, and Sebastian Vettel won the pole in 2017.

Sebastian Vettel: “We have already raced several times in Russia. This is one of the tracks where we were close to victory, but never won. I started there from the pole – in fact, two years ago Ferrari won the entire first row of the starting grid, but we want to take the next step and win.

It’s great to race near the Olympic Stadium and the Medal Plaza, where the Winter Olympic Games were held – this is a unique place. Many turns are similar to each other, but they are all technical, and it’s very difficult to enter, brake and turn in such a way as to drive fast without forgetting to monitor the wear of the rubber. This is one of the most difficult routes in technical terms, but if you manage to perfectly complete a circle, especially in qualification, you are always happy. “

Charles Lecler: “It’s nice to come to Russia after three successful weekends. We have made great progress in working with the machine, especially in terms of its effectiveness on tracks where high downforce is needed, and judging by everything, now we are more competitive on different types of tracks.

Sochi has a difficult track: there are fast lines and many turns, especially in the last sector. I look forward to getting back behind the wheel on Friday – we’ll see how everything goes this time, and time will tell if we can perform in Russia as much as in several previous races.

Sochi has an unusual atmosphere, as we race in the Olympic complex. This is a unique place, because it played such an important role in international sports history, and speaking there, we experience special emotions. “

Mattia Binotto, team leader: “After three victories in a row, we go to Russia with the desire to check how our latest developments work on a completely different type of track. There are long straight lines and very smooth asphalt, where again it will be difficult to achieve effective rubber work. In addition, they need completely different settings and a different aerodynamic configuration than in Singapore. The key point is a good balance of the car. The forecast promises changeable weather, so it is important for us to be prepared for any development of events. ”