Sebastian Vettel: I do not depend on the smartphone

Sebastian Vettel: I do not depend on the smartphone

April 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Sebastian Vettel is the only Formula 1 driver who does not have an account in social networks. As the Bild am Sonntag publication was able to find out, until last year, Sebastian used the usual push-button Nokia 6110 phone. The four-time world champion explained why he had long refused to use modern smartphones.

“Of course, I have a smartphone, but I have no dependence on it,” says Sebastian. – I can live without it. Of course, it’s convenient when you can see email on your phone, but I can do without it. I will still read my letters in a day or two.

What if someone urgently needs to contact me? You can call me. The mobile phone was conceived as a telephone, but today almost no one remembers about it. When I call someone, people are surprised that I’m just calling, not sending a message. The fact is that in a minute I can say more than write in ten. That is why I prefer to call.

It is convenient to have all the documents on the phone, but this is the main danger. The smartphone completely absorbs your attention and you lose time. I do not need it. We are accustomed to the fact that today everything is possible. I am not an opponent of progress, and the story of the old Nokia phone is a thing o