Sebastian Vettel about the features of the route in Abu Dhabi

Sebastian Vettel about the features of the route in Abu Dhabi

November 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In the Ferrari are preparing for the season finale, and Sebastian Vettel told about some of the features of the Yas Marina circuit, where after the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi will also pass Pirelli tire tests, in which Scuderia will be represented not only by four-time world champion, but also Charles Leclaire. This is logical, because Kimi Raikkonen after eight seasons at Ferrari (separated by a two-year break) goes to Sauber, and a talented young racer from Monaco will take his place.

Sebastian Vettel “We are waiting for the last stage of the season, so welcome to Abu Dhabi! If we talk about the track, then the 2nd and 3rd turns are special, there it goes on the rise, and the speeds are very high: acceleration continues along this entire section, and in the cockpit of the car you feel very serious lateral overloads. But there it’s good to check what level of adhesion to asphalt a machine can provide: you control it and you literally feel what it can do.

The 8th turn at the end of a long straight line on which the DRS zone is located is definitely the best place for overtaking. Two very sharp turns, the 8th and 9th, are at the end of straight segments, and it’s very difficult to choose the right trajectory, but if you fight someone for the position, the fight can be very interesting.

The combination, consisting of the 16th and 17th corners, is very technical, where it is also important to choose the correct trajectory, because it allows you to play a lot of time. Both turns are distinguished by a certain reverse profile, so the poet needs to go very precisely to the apex, and another feature of them is that the route on this section passes under the Yas Marina hotel.