Seat Vitoria: a conceptual futuristic SUV on electricity

Seat Vitoria: a conceptual futuristic SUV on electricity

December 4, 2018 1 By autotimesnews

Seat, like the entire VAG Group, is gradually entering the electrified segment of the international market. Demonstrated all-electric concept SUV Vitoria from the future of the Spanish company.

Probably, the day will come when classic cars with ICE go down in history, and all automakers will begin to create unique vehicles with full autonomy and a fully electric powerplant. Therefore, in the future we will definitely see some impressive cars, as many modern aerodynamic solutions will become obsolete due to the different bodies and purposes of the cars. Of course, we do not mean supercars or hypercars, which must meet completely different criteria.

It can be expected that in the future a compact crossover may appear, similar to the rendered render from Aitor Amigo Lopez. According to the designer, the car will be different spacious interior, electrical installation, as well as a fifth-level unmanned system.

In addition, the model can receive modern anti-theft systems that combine face recognition technology, fingerprint scanning, as well as unique identifiers instead of classic keys. In the salon, of course, it will be possible to see a modern multimedia navigation system with a large display, a comfortable lounge, folding controls and high safety seats.

According to the author, the model can become more or less real only by 2030. That’s when technology reaches the required level.