SEAT Minimo Concept: a hybrid of a motorcycle and a car

SEAT Minimo Concept: a hybrid of a motorcycle and a car

March 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As part of the Geneva Motor Show, there was a demonstration of a new compact car that can move in both urban and off-road conditions. The length of the model does not exceed 2.5 meters in length.

Seat Minimo is a new smart hybrid motorcycle-car from the Spanish company. As conceived by the company, this model can be an ideal replacement for a standard car for a certain category of people. The car (according to the official version of the ATV) will have to combine the maneuverability and dimensions of the motorcycle, the comfort and safety of the car, as well as the cross-country ability of the SUV.

 Apparently the compact crossover is designed for a capacity of two people. Of course, there is no room for a roomy luggage department. However, the model is equipped with all modern technologies, including a multimedia system built on the basis of the Android Auto operating system. Information is transmitted to the driver through a central digital display.

 As a power unit, an all-electric power plant with as yet unnamed characteristics is used. Power reserve will be about 100 km at full charge, and the charge itself will take “a few seconds,” according to company representatives.

 At the time of the release of the model into mass production, it is planned to install fourth level autonomous control systems. This will allow him to act as a taxi service without a driver.

Meanwhile, Seat is preparing for the debut of its first electric car EL-Born. We all already understood that Volkswagen concern, which includes Seat, was seriously engaged in the development of electrification of its cars.