Seat Ford began to check the robot with a wet “ass”

Seat Ford began to check the robot with a wet “ass”

January 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

All Ford cars, which are produced in Europe, now pass through the so-called “robotic simulation of the driver’s backside.” This is a robutt installation with a soft pillow, which is heated to the temperature of the human body and soaked with 450 milliliters of water.

For three days, a robot called Robutt simulates a ten-year cycle of using the car. During this time, the robot sits, fidgets and jumps on the seat 7500 times. The purpose of testing is to make sure that the sweat released by the driver after fitness or due to heat, will not affect the appearance of the upholstery. The first such test began to pass the 2018 Ford Fiesta model year.

Unusual robots for testing cars also uses Nissan. The installation of Mrs. Doorboto verifies the reliability of the doors and their mechanisms. The company notes that for 10 years of operation, the doors on average open 45,000 times. The robot does the same thing in three days – it opens and closes the door every six seconds.

To check the quality of the paintwork Nissan uses a miniature model of contact washing, the brush of which spins up to 180 revolutions per minute. Metal plates are placed into it, also painted as a car body, and then passed through several testing cycles, including the use of a special abrasive powder.