Sean Bratchez: Grand Prix is ​​interested in Morocco

Sean Bratchez: Grand Prix is ​​interested in Morocco

May 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The commercial director of Formula 1, Sean Bratschez, declared the interest of the Moroccan authorities in holding the race in Marrakesh.

Sean Bratchez: “We hold races on five continents, there are no races in the calendar only in Africa, but recently representatives of Morocco and Marrakesh turned to us – they are interested in holding a Grand Prix.

First Formula 1 raced in Africa, there is a historical track in Kyalami. I was told that the stage fell out of the calendar for political reasons, but we want to conduct a race in Africa. It is important for us. ”

Grand Prix was already held in Morocco – in 1958. A few years ago there were rumors about the possible return of Formula 1 to this country in North Africa, but then the conditions could not be agreed.