Sealed interior of the new Peugeot 208

Sealed interior of the new Peugeot 208

October 1, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

It must be said that the latest series of “spy” photos of the French, subcompact novelty shows us that the interior design was largely copied from the current flagship 508. It is known that the new product will be shown in March next year in Geneva. “Charged” modification GTi will be presented later, and as expected fully electrically.

First we want to say that the new version of the flagship sedan of the French brand Peugeot 508 turned out to be very cool. In particular, we really liked the newest concept of the i-Cockpit, which probably can be called the best, among the closest competitors of the car. Judging by the “spy” photos of the car, which were at the disposal of our publication, when creating the salon of the updated version of the subcompact model 208, the designers of the brand used the flagship 508 design elements.

When looking at the published photos, a completely digital dashboard catches the eye – in the pictures it is completely black, since the car was drowned out. Differences in the design of salons certainly exist – unlike the older brother 508, where the screen of the infotainment system is below the ventilation holes, the display 208 is located in the upper part of the front panel – on the same level as the dashboard.

The comparative small steering wheel looks very much like the “steering wheels” with which all modern models of Peugeot are equipped. Judging by the fact that beneath it there are paddle petals, a test prototype of a French car seen received an automatic transmission. Note also that many elements in the salon of the new 208 look very similar to those used in the crossovers 3008 and 5008, as well as the flagship model 508.

Now as to the appearance of the subcompact French hatchback 208 – unfortunately, its exterior remains covered with camouflage film. Nevertheless, we can still see much of the design of the tail lights, while the dual exhaust tips hint at what we have in front of us is nothing more than a high-performance version of the GTi. In general, the car looks quite stylish, both at the front and rear. It seems that the novelty has received and branded vertical LED daytime running lights.