Scissor door kit available for Chevy Corvette C8

Scissor door kit available for Chevy Corvette C8

May 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

American tuning company Vertical Doors Inc. invites everyone to install scissor doors on their Chevy Corvette generation C8. The price for upgrading the doors and installing all the necessary fasteners is $ 4,300.

Scissor doors or lambo doors that open vertically on a fixed hinge have become very popular after they appeared in Italian Lamborghini supercars. Now, similar doors can be installed on the American sports coupe Chevy Corvette 2020 model year.

The scissor doors themselves are manufactured by Vertical Doors Inc. It is reported that the tuning company is already taking pre-orders for a set of scissor doors for the Corvette C8.

The price of a set of two doors is $ 2,999. If you want Eikon specialists to install these doors for you, the final price is $ 4,300, and the doors themselves have a lifetime warranty.

   In the kit there are two gas shock absorbers and everything you need to install a direct joint. Doors will be attached to the factory mounts. According to experts of the tuning company, if the buyer suddenly changes his mind, you can put the usual doors that are standard for the Corvette C8.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the Chevy Corvette 2020 will slow you down if you have not closed the trunk. It turns out that the designers of the new generation sports coupe Chevy Corvette made it so that the car will not accelerate more than 132 km / h with an open front trunk.