Scientists have found a way to charge an electric car in just 10 minutes

Scientists have found a way to charge an electric car in just 10 minutes

November 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

An innovative rechargeable battery, developed by American scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, will help replenish the energy reserve of the electric car.

One of the factors that “discouraged” motorists from buying an electric car was a long charge: from several hours to several tens of minutes. Now this problem is resolved. American scientists have proposed a new technology with which it takes only 10 minutes to charge a lithium-ion battery. This is enough for the electric car to withstand 480 kilometers. The discovery made in time brings the refueling of the “green” car closer to the traditional gasoline one, writes The Guardian.

Recall that the charging speed depends on the current power and the battery of the electric car, which absorbs this power. Today, the most powerful charging stations in Europe give out 350 kW / h, however, only one car – Porsche Taycan can “recharge” from such current.

 According to the new technology, in order for the battery to absorb current of greater power, it must be heated to 60 degrees Celsius. As a result, less time is spent on charging. There is one nuance that each of us has encountered in everyday life. Lithium-ion batteries in the same phones and laptops are very sensitive to heat, which can adversely affect their service life. However, scientists argue that proper heating will not only not damage the battery, but also increase its life. The algorithm is simple: fast heating to 60 degrees and a gradual decrease in temperature.

 With the new system, the Tesla Model 3 battery after a small upgrade will be able to charge from zero to 80% in just 10 minutes instead of forty. Work on this technology continues. While scientists work only with small batteries, however, their results are applicable to large automobile batteries.

Meanwhile, BMW is testing wireless charging for the 530e electric cars. The novelty is tested immediately by 200 people who rented a hybrid sedan.