Schwarzenegger to automakers: Your time is running out!

Schwarzenegger to automakers: Your time is running out!

May 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

An ardent supporter of electric cars, a former actor and governor of California, at the R20 World Summit on Climate in Vienna, the automotive industry, and especially Volkswagen, was sharply criticized because of an exhaust gas scandal.

Actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg warned of an impending climate catastrophe, and called for a rethink of all aspects of life. Politicians do not attach due attention to the topic of climate protection, and the world is already facing a climatic catastrophe – it is getting warmer on Earth every year due to carbon dioxide emissions.

Arnold Schwarzenegger stated that he needed to act urgently, as long as he did not know how, but “the world is changing dreamers, not skeptics.” He called on all people to join the fight against climate change. “Our invitation to the White House may have been lost on the way,” Schwarzenegger joked in connection with this, hinting at the inaction of the US authorities.

He cannot understand how automakers such as Volkswagen are more likely to cheat than to develop efficient electric motors that will be sold around the world like hotcakes. True, Schwarzenegger stubbornly forgets that electricity is also not taken entirely from the outlet, it must first be produced. And here again the question arises: if thermal power stations do this, then will this not be a substitute for soap? And wind and solar electron accumulators do not yet provide a significant share of energy. Although, of course, in a number of countries there are both hydropower plants and nuclear power plants, but there are other problems.

Schwarzenegger has previously actively advocated climate protection, especially when he was governor of California (2003–2011).

The conference was organized by the public organization “R20 – Regions of action in the field of climate”, which Schwarzenegger himself founded in 2010.

Speaking at the summit, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on the world community to be more attentive to climate change. The 70-year-old Portuguese recalled the agreement that was concluded as a result of the 2015 Paris Conference on Climate Change. According to Guterres, until today many countries have not fulfilled even what they promised in Paris.

“We urgently need a green, not a gray economy – for a society to be green, not gray,” he said. As a measure of control, he proposed an increased taxation of the fields of activity that pollute the environment, and the cessation of subsidies for the extraction of fossil fuels.

    “I know that we can do this, provided that we have the political will,” the UN Secretary-General summed up.