Schumacher website published his five year old interview

Schumacher website published his five year old interview

November 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The famous racer Michael Schumacher gave an interview shortly before the fateful event in the mountains, where while skiing, he suffered a head injury. For obvious reasons, the interview was not published immediately.

Over the past five years, Michael has not appeared in public, sources close to his family say that the condition of the rider is improving, but there is still a long recovery process. November 30, 2013, just a month before the tragedy, the racer recorded an interview, the video of which was published only yesterday.

The most emotional competition for Schumacher Sr. was the victory in 2000 with the Ferrari team, which did not win the championship for 21 years. Yes, and the driver himself four years before that suffered a defeat. And the most respected rival, he recognized Mika Hakkinen – “for great battles and strong personal relationships.”

In addition, in his youth, he admired the riders Ayrton Senna and Vincenzo Sospiri, but the real idol for him was Tony Schumacher, because he was a great footballer.

He also said that F1 is the most difficult and demanding race, which requires serious preparation. And Schumacher constantly doubted himself, he felt that he needed to work more on himself. However, according to him, doubts are necessary in order not to become self-confident, winning and setting records.

He also noted the importance of teamwork, because then a person becomes stronger than if he just does something himself. And Formula 1 is also a team sport.

Michael was asked to talk about the three periods of his career, implying a stay in the teams “Benetton”, “Ferrari” and Mercedes. “At the beginning we built a team in Benetton and it took about 4-5 years, in Ferrari and Mercedes we did the same thing, but in less time. And they were all led by one person – Ross Brown. Think about it”.

Whom and for what improvements did the racer analyze? According to him, he studied not only top athletes, but also others. This is necessary for development, because everyone has their own interesting feature, which they wanted to understand.

In favor of karting, he says that he teaches battles in a wheel-to-wheel race, gives good training and develops the skills necessary for other areas of motor racing. After all, one talent will not leave, and, as in any sport, you need to develop in yourself many other parties.