Schlachtwerk: custom Kawasaki W650

Schlachtwerk: custom Kawasaki W650

January 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tommy Thöring has long been involved in customizing and has often attended the Sultans of Sprint events. He now decided to roll his Schlachtwerk workshop in Germany and move to another country. However, before leaving, Tommy made a custom-bike Kawasaki W650 to have a stylish vehicle on arrival in Australia.

Tommy: “Inspired by the move to another country, I decided to remake my W650 motorcycle for a good and sunny climate, beaches and sandy roads. Yes, I know that K & N filters are not very suitable for driving on sand, but I am sure that my motorcycle will spend 90% of the time on asphalt roads. I wanted to make the lightest W650 with a more powerful engine, a supermoto saddle and design from the 60s and 70s. ”
Details of the Kawasaki W650 by Schlachtwerk project:

    donor: Kawasaki W650 2000;
    engine: fully moved and bored out, working volume increased to 750 cm3;
    starter: electric starter removed, only kick + was left; lightweight flywheel was installed;
    power: +15 hp;
    carbs: Keihin, restored and tuned;
    filters: nulevik K & N (removed the air box);
    exhaust: 2v1, stainless steel;
    frame: custom motor mounts;
    pendulum: custom, chrome-molybdenum steel;
    shock absorbers: Wilbers;
    fork: adjustable (with a Yamaha motorcycle), custom crosshead;
    Brakes: 300 mm disc with 4-piston Beringer caliper + Magura HC1 radial master cylinder, Brembo rear caliper + wavy disc;
    hubs: KTM 690;
    Spokes: stainless steel;
    tires: Dunlop Dirt Track;
    subframe: modified, repainted;
    fuel tank: Z200, Monza cover, repainted;
    saddle: custom, handmade;
    turn signals: Kellermann;
    electronics: simplified, installed under the saddle, lightweight battery;
    rear wing: carbon fiber;
    weight: 146 kg.

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