Schaeffler announced a serial bio-hybrid

Schaeffler announced a serial bio-hybrid

December 14, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Muscular power lives and wins along with electricity – are confident in the company Schaeffler, known primarily for its bearings. In 2016, she launched a startup Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid GmbH, aimed at the production of electrified bicycles, and at the same time showed the world the first prototype – a four-wheeled bicycle with a folding roof and an auxiliary electric motor.

Under this simple vehicle, however, they drove a whole logistic concept of the future, in which one of the most important places will be taken by such wheelchairs, moving along special paths and ramps. Bio-hybrids are much more compact, lighter and more environmentally friendly than traditional cars, moreover, they allow their users to keep in good physical shape – we pedal and burn calories.

In the promotional cartoon, Schaeffler shows us a young man named Den from 2050, who works in the old fashioned way in the office and is obliged to proceed to the workplace on Friday morning. To do this, he reserves a Scheffler’s Bio-Hybrid with his smartphone, sits in it and, right in a suit and patent leather shoes, leans on the pedal. To Den is not very sweaty, on ascents he helps the electric motor. In the office, Bio-Hybrid itself is parked in unmanned mode, and Den starts measuring the working day in front of large monitors. For lunch, he rides on an electric skateboard (yes, yes, right in a suit again), returns to the office by tram, and drives home by car stuffed with the latest Schaeffler components. Flexible use of various vehicles, optimal for specific conditions, is a guarantee of environmental cleanliness, freedom of movement and the health of citizens in the cities of the future, Schaeffler experts believe.

In the near future, only bio-hybrids can be used from all this wondrous world – Schaeffler plans to launch them on the market in 2020, and in January the company will show a pre-production model in the passenger and cargo versions at the CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. The teaser of the new products published this week shows that commercial electric carriages will not differ much from the prototype of 2016: they still have thin bicycle wheels, a simple suspension and sidewalls that are open to all winds. The passenger version is ready to take on two riders – they will have to sit in a tandem (it is unknown, however, whether the rear passenger can also pedal). The cargo version is a real pickup truck with a fairly spacious cargo platform.

It is known that the maximum speed of movement on the electric trap will be 25 km / h. It is not clear just where it will be possible to ride such bicycle motorbikes: for roads they are too slow and unsafe, and for bicycle paths – too large. It is clear that the promised in the animated cartoon special Schaeffler flyovers for bio-hybrids will not erect these vehicles in the cities by 2020. Wait until 2050? By that time, according to many scientists and futurologists, humanity will already survive a technological singularity, and no one will have to go to any kind of work – providing robots controlled by artificial intelligence with all the necessary things …