Scania V8 truck sound blasts internet

Scania V8 truck sound blasts internet

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

How should the 730-hp Scania V8 trunk tractor sound so that millions and millions of users of social networks listen to it

Many truckers in Western Europe make real works of art from their cars. For example, in the Italian town of Sant Omero, there is a Scania V8 trunk truck in the top-end performance – with a 730-horsepower engine. A video with this machine has already gained 6.4 million views on Facebook – and that’s in just three weeks.

The car has turned into a real concert hall – with a powerful audio system, just look at the speakers in the doors and in the external luggage compartments. Outside, the tractor is decorated not only with cool airbrushing, but also with a sea of ​​chrome details, a spectacular “chandelier” on the roof and hundreds of LED lights scattered around the entire perimeter of the truck.

The interior is no less impressive. Everything here is covered with snow-white genuine leather. On the ceiling – almost a real starry sky, again seeded with LEDs. On the back wall are speakers and speakers again.

On the page of Maximigliano Cristina Gatti, which is exactly what the masters of truck tuning are called, there are quite a few interesting videos about Scania V8 music tractors. However, it was the video with the composition of Strong R. & Droplex – Always scored a record number of views.