Scania revealed innovative city buses

Scania revealed innovative city buses

October 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Such passenger transport can operate on different types of fuel, and also gets better handling and maximum comfort. The company presented its buses at the Busworld Europe 2019 exhibition held in Brussels.

The Swedish automaker Scania has introduced a new generation of Citywide buses designed for intercity and suburban transportation. From the previous generation, the new buses are distinguished by greater capacity, improved handling and a new class of comfort for the driver and his passengers. Novelty, by the way, can carry up to a hundred people. Additional seats in the cabin were obtained thanks to the lateral arrangement of the motor and the “grown up” load capacity of the front axle.

The new Scania buses run perfectly on all types of fuel, including alternative or electricity. The seven-liter engine began to consume less fuel by 3-5%, and an improved gearbox saves another 1-3%. The Start / Stop function saves “diesel fuel” and “biodiesel” as a whole by eight percent, and for buses with a gas engine, the savings reach 15 percent.

Also, Scania Citywide buses with a higher ceiling were equipped with enlarged windows, flat side ceiling panels and a new air conditioning system.

 The driver’s seat has become more ergonomic: the manufacturer has taken care of improving visibility, the convenience of pedaling, and also has increased legroom and expanded the range of seat adjustment. All these features of the new generation buses, according to the automaker, should simplify its daily maintenance.