Scania launches first commercial electric trucks

Scania launches first commercial electric trucks

September 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The market launch of electric commercial vehicles will be a key milestone in Scania’s goal of becoming a leader in the transition to a sustainable transportation system.

High-performance plug-in hybrid and all-electric trucks will primarily be produced for a variety of urban transport, including distribution operations for retailers.

“We are proud to announce the start of Scania’s long-term vehicle electrification program,” says Henrik Henriksson, President and CEO of Scania. – We will annually produce electrified trucks for various applications, and now we are reorganizing production for this purpose. I would like to emphasize that in a few years we will also start producing electric vehicles for long-distance transport, adapted for fast charging during the obligatory 45-minute rest of drivers. “

The all-electric Scania truck is available in L- and P-series cabs and comes with a 165-300 kWh battery pack for a 230 kW electric motor, which equals approximately 310 hp. from. Customers can choose from five or nine batteries, the latter of which is rated for travel up to 250 km on a single charge.

Scania’s plug-in hybrid vehicle, also available with L and P cabs, can be used with an internal combustion engine over long distances and in electric mode for journeys up to 60 km.

The technology for the production of electrified models is based on Scania’s proven modular system, which offers a variety of customized solutions based on a relatively small number of basic models.

“Although the production of electrified vehicles is a new technology in several respects, we have done everything possible to ensure the same consistent uptime criteria as our other trucks,” – said Anders Lampinen, director of new technologies.

Along with general purpose trucks and refrigerators, electric vehicles can be used as hook loaders, dump trucks, concrete mixer trucks and garbage trucks, as well as fire and other emergency services vehicles.

“We are confident that progressive enterprises will strive to become leaders in the field of electrification, especially large transport companies with a large fleet of vehicles that are interested in reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere,” – added Anders Lampinen.

Scania’s hybrid and electric vehicles are optimized for emission-limited urban areas. Thanks to the low noise level, the machines will be able to deliver goods in the early morning or evening. According to research results, delivery of goods outside rush hours takes 30% less time due to easier parking, no traffic jams, and the ability to drive at a higher speed.

The all-electric truck can be equipped with a battery pack of five batteries with a total capacity of 165 kWh or nine batteries with an installed capacity of 300 kWh. With the combustion engine removed, one battery is placed in the former engine compartment, the other four or eight along the chassis frame.

The batteries can be charged from a 130 kW DC mains supply using the Combined Charging System (CCS) connector. Charge time: Less than 55 minutes for the five battery pack, less than 100 minutes for the nine battery pack. While driving, the batteries are also recharged by the regenerative braking energy.

The hybrid truck is equipped with three batteries with an installed capacity of 90 kWh for a 115 kW electric motor. The time to replenish energy from 0 to 80% is about 35 minutes, and in addition to charging with regenerative braking, the battery can be charged during loading and unloading. The electric transmission is combined with a 280-360 hp internal combustion engine. from. The maximum driving distance in EV mode is 60 km.

The quiet operation of both trucks and the efficient acceleration of the all-electric model with 2,200 Nm of torque provide drivers with maximum comfort.