Scania introduced the concept of electric motor

Scania introduced the concept of electric motor

June 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The car company is going to release all-electric motor and hybrid power plants.

Scania plans to launch production of hybrid and all-electric power plants that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 90%.

“Our concept is based on Scania’s many years of experience in producing diesel engines and alternative fuels. We are now moving on to the next step and introducing electrified plants that reduce carbon emissions, ”says Joel Granat, Scania Senior Vice President.

An all-electric system can reduce CO2 emissions by 98% if it comes from renewable energy sources. A hybrid system will provide a 92% reduction in carbon emissions. Scania’s new power plants will be modular. This will allow customers to choose a complete set and combine elements taking into account their areas of application and specific tasks.

The Scania hybrid system combines an electric drive with an internal combustion engine – they can be used together or as autonomous energy sources. Such a system is suitable for excavators, dump trucks, stone crushers, mobile cranes, concrete pumps, and special equipment for airports. And even for maritime transport: suburban vessels, car ferries and ships serving fish farms.

The hybrid solution improves the performance of the power unit due to the presence of high torque indicators, starting from the lowest revs after idling. At the same time, fuel consumption, harmful emissions and noise are significantly reduced, and operating costs are reduced.

Due to the fact that the electric drive is attached to the engine and their speed ranges are adapted to each other, there is no need to install an additional gearbox. This design minimizes energy loss, facilitates the design and installation of equipment.