Scania has a truck without a cab

Scania has a truck without a cab

September 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

While the latest development of the company is in concept status

Scania introduced its new concept truck: it is completely autonomous – there is not even room for the driver, since there is no cab. It is driven by a biofuel internal combustion engine.

The truck is controlled by an intelligent module: it transmits data and instructions, and the AXL executes commands offline. The design of the machine was developed “taking into account the possible operation in the harsh conditions of quarries and construction sites.”

One of the advantages of the new concept in Scania is called complete autonomy. Unlike competitor’s unmanned trucks, the Scania AXL lacks controls and even the driver’s seat, which “significantly changes the rules of the game.”

The company also said that the AXL concept was “an important step towards intelligent transport systems of the future, where self-driving vehicles will be a familiar part of the environment.”

While Scania is exploring a new field, Volvo Trucks is already fully operating Vera unmanned tractors. In the summer of this year, they began to ply on public roads, transporting containers from the logistics center in Gothenburg to the sea loading port. All Vera tractors are integrated into a single network, connected to a cloud service and controlled remotely by operators. The speed of cars can reach 40 kilometers per hour.