Sat behind the wheel in the wrong suit? Get fine!

Sat behind the wheel in the wrong suit? Get fine!

February 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Germany, they are so accustomed to regulate everything, that even the driver’s clothes must meet certain criteria. The violator of order faces a rather big fine.

German road safety experts point out that the risk of an accident increases several times when driving a car in a mask or carnival cap that completely covers the head.

Good visibility and safety are especially closely related to driving. Driving safely assumes that the driver has a wide field of vision and nothing holds back the movement of his neck. Since it is the eyes that are the most important source of information, for people in carnival costumes this means: masks, big hats, hats covering the entire head cannot be worn while driving. All this narrows the field of view and partially limits hearing. The same applies to passengers in the car: their costumes should not interfere with the visibility and movements of the driver.

Regardless of whether there is a real risk of an accident, the driver in Germany faces a fine of 60 euros if the policeman notices that the driver has a locked face. However, this rule applies not only to carnival costumes.

There is one more reason why a carnival headgear should be worn only upon arrival at the destination, and not before the trip: many of them are so unusual that they attract attention and distract other road users from the road. It also increases the risk of accidents.