Santa Claus 2: video restyling from Audi

Santa Claus 2: video restyling from Audi

December 31, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Everyone is waiting for a gift from Santa Claus or Vaynakhtsman in the case of Germany, etc. But no one ever thinks about what the Christmas / New Year’s grandfather himself dreams of.

In the atmospheric Audi commercial, Santa Claus appears in a completely new look. At first it is an elderly, very full man, far from a sporty look, who carries gifts on sleds with reindeer harnessed to them. Yes, it all looks fabulous, only he is not happy, suffers from shortness of breath, eats a lot of sweets and … dreams of an Audi RS5 Sportback! And one day, Grandfather decides to drastically change his life, begins to vigorously play sports, wishing to someday get behind the wheel of a supercar, but you have to be able to squeeze in there …

The friends of the dwarves and the devoted Snow Maiden help him to make his dream come true. She, too, is not young, but who said that she should be a young beauty? They grew old together, and to whom, if not to her, it is better to know what her beloved grandfather dreams of!

The creators of the video pay attention to how Santa Claus modernizes everything around: from his figure, costume, hairstyle to sleigh in this grandiose fabulous transformation. And now we have a rejuvenated grandfather who has already looked younger, but who said that he must be fat and sluggish? What it ends, we will not disclose. See for yourself!