Sandy Munroe: Tesla Cybertruck is “incredibly cheap” in production

Sandy Munroe: Tesla Cybertruck is “incredibly cheap” in production

February 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The expert, who previously untwisted on the Model 3 cog, highly appreciates the technologies based on the electric pickup Elon Mask. According to him, the organization of production will cost seven times cheaper than for a similar car with ICE.

The Sandy Munro team has been disassembling equipment to the screw since 1988, preparing voluminous reports commissioned by manufacturers – or their competitors. In 2018, he unscrewed one of the first Tesla Model 3 and scolded Elon Mask for the poor organization of production, arguing that even a veteran among BMW i3 electric cars costs less to manufacture.

However, it later became clear that Munroe was quick to draw conclusions: having dismantled the second electric sedan and having carefully calculated everything, he called Model 3 almost the most profitable model on the market. And now he raises the praises of the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck, which has not yet fallen into the hands of its engineers and has not even been put into mass production, Electrek reports.

Based on the information provided by Tesla, photos and videos from the presentation and his own experience, he claims that, thanks to the unique body structure, Elon will be able to start pickup production almost for free – by the standards of the auto industry.

The strongest body made of space steel (Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled), the use of which determined the famous angular silhouette of the machine, needs a minimal frame in order to strengthen the chassis on it. Judging by the presentation, nobody is going to paint Cybertruck either.

According to Munro, the capital cost of producing 50,000 Tesla electrics is about $ 30 million. The same number for the Ford F-150 gas rival is about $ 210 million.

The verdict attracted the attention of Elon Mask. The founder and head of Tesla on his Twitter commented: “Munro’s analysis of Tesla’s engineering is accurate, both in terms of advantages and disadvantages. I think he will like some elements of the Model Y case. ”

Model Y is a compact crossover based on the same platform as Model 3. This is Tesla’s closest “product premiere”: sales should start this summer. Although some experts believe that the conveyor will be launched even earlier – for the first time in the history of the brand.