Samsung came up with revolutionary batteries for electric cars

Samsung came up with revolutionary batteries for electric cars

March 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

We are talking about fully solid-state batteries, which, unlike the lithium-ion batteries that are popular today, have a higher energy density.

Samsung has developed a fully solid state battery with extended battery life. With their help, electric cars will be able to overcome distances of up to 800 kilometers without recharging. The main difference between the new batteries and the currently widespread lithium-ion batteries is the increased amount of stored energy per unit mass. This feature helps specialists to produce more capacious batteries, while using solid electrolytes. And they, as you know, are safer than liquid ones. It is also noted that revolutionary technology will reduce the size of batteries by almost half, which will positively affect their weight and price.

The energy density of the new battery from Samsung reaches 900 W * h / l. This is at least three times better than that of today’s most efficient lithium batteries.

┬áSamsung also found a solution to a long-standing problem that traditional batteries faced – an increase in dendrites on the anodes. The solution was found in silver-carbon deposition, which is applied to the surface of the anode. The thickness of this layer is only 5 micrometers. This was enough to prevent the destruction of the battery.