Sales of the new Ford Explorer crossover have failed even at home

Sales of the new Ford Explorer crossover have failed even at home

November 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The sixth generation of Ford Explorer was presented at the beginning of 2019. The new platform and another engine layout delayed the production of new items, which the brand management planned to organize as quickly as possible.

After changing the development strategy, Ford was to concentrate all its forces on the home market. In fact, it turned out that even in the American car market, the brand ran into difficulties. For example, sales of a new generation of Explorer mid-sized crossover, which the brand had high hopes for, failed almost immediately after the SUV’s market debut. A radical change of layout and a new platform required a serious readjustment of the conveyor, however, the company ordered to complete this process as quickly as possible. All work took place in an emergency mode, and the workers themselves, due to tight deadlines, were forced to undergo training outside the enterprise.

 They released the new Ford Explorer in three shifts at once, and its quality was controlled by the factory in Flat Rock, near Detroit. In Chicago, no place was found for such a site.

As a result, Explorer came off the assembly line with various defects, many of which were detected during the quality control process. The NHTSA database already has three recall campaigns for this crossover. Currently, all problems with the production of the new Ford Explorer are a thing of the past. However, supply delays still affected sales. So, over the nine months of this year, 146,557 such cars were sold in the United States, which is 25.6% worse than last year’s result.

 At the same time, representatives of the brand acknowledge that too little time was given to master the next generation of Explorer. In pursuit of profit, the company’s management demanded the impossible from specialists. The leaders of the mid-size SUV segment in the United States were Jeep Grand Cherokee and Toyota Highlander, whose sales for the reporting three quarters exceeded the mark of 180 thousand units.