Sales of the Chinese clone Range Rover ten times cheaper than the original

Sales of the Chinese clone Range Rover ten times cheaper than the original

November 29, 2019 1 By autotimesnews

A copy of Hanlong Auto’s English SUV is named Hunkt Canticie. Externally, the Chinese SUV is very similar to the original model, but in technical terms there is nothing in common between them.

Hanlong Auto launches sales of the new Hunkt Canticie SUV in China. Externally, this SUV almost completely repeats the Range Rover Sport. The differences between the two SUVs can be found only with a closer look. So, Hunkt Canticie gets a different grille, new bumpers, nameplates, original LED optics. But the dimensions of the Hunkt Canticie and Range Rover Sport are almost identical. As for the technical stuffing, there were no borrowings.

The budget “clone” of Range Rover is based on a platform from the Zotye T800, and under its hood is a two-liter 218-horsepower turbo engine, combined with 8-speed automatic transmission. Drive – non-alternative front.

 The car’s interior also turned out to be original: the gearbox selector in the form of a washer, on the center console – a scattering of physical keys to control the “climate”, as well as a virtual dashboard visually combined with multimedia. According to experts, despite the rather modest engine and the lack of all-wheel drive, the Hunkt Canticie has every chance to successfully start on the market. Effective appearance, good equipment and, of course, price will help him in this. It, by the way, is 10 times more affordable than the price of the original Range Rover Sport.

For the base Hunkt Canticie in the Chinese car dealerships will have to pay 159,800 yuan. But the most affordable Range Rover Sport is estimated at 1,609,000 yuan.

Meanwhile, the budget equivalent of the Hyundai Santa Fe was 3 times cheaper than the original. It’s about the new flagship crossover Landwind E315. With the help of new items, the brand is going to revive its sales in the home market.