Sales of the BMW 3 Series GT can end as early as 2020

Sales of the BMW 3 Series GT can end as early as 2020

August 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Rumors that the management of the Bavarian automaker plans to stop mass production and, accordingly, the sale of the 5-door liftback of the BMW 3 Series GT, appeared at the beginning of last year. At the moment it is still not clear what will happen to this model, which by the way enjoys quite good popularity.

Let’s remind our readers and that in the middle of last year, there were rumors about a possible transformation of the 5-door version of the liftback BMW 3 Series GT into a car with 4 doors. Well, a couple of hours ago, our foreign colleagues told us that the current leadership of the Bavarian automaker decided to extend the life of the BMW 3-Series GT until July 2020. The guys refer to their own proven sources in the company itself.

It is also reported that after the serial production of the BMW 3-Series GT has ceased, the German brand plans to focus on creating a large 4-door coupe of the 3rd Series. In this case, the novelty can, as they say, stand on the conveyor of BMW in the same 2020, but the start of sales of a new member of the compact 3 Series family can hardly be expected before the next year – 2021.

We would like to note that at the moment neither the press service of the German premium car manufacturer nor its representatives commented on rumors about the possibility of stopping production and, accordingly, the sales of the 5-door liftback of the BMW 3 Series GT.

There is an opinion that, nevertheless, the company’s management will not completely curtail the project of this car – instead the model will be slightly changed and will probably receive a different name.

In addition, we note that in a recent interview with representatives of the Bavarian automotive brand, it was possible to learn that the brand-new 4 Series will be used as a basis for the creation of yet another fully electric car, which will be called the BMW i4.

Not so long ago, we wrote that BMW will inform to 324 thousand car owners from Europe about the recall of their cars.