Sales of new Tesla Model Y officially launched in Germany

Sales of new Tesla Model Y officially launched in Germany

August 20, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The first deliveries of Tesla Model Y are expected in September, although these are not yet the machines assembled at the Gigafactory near Berlin.

European buyers are finally getting some good news: the Tesla Model Y, the off-road version of the budget Model 3, is finally available to order in Germany. The first deliveries are scheduled for September. However, these are not yet cars from the new Gigafactory in Grünheide.

Compared to Model 3, the crossover design has led to a revision of proportions and an increase in dimensions: we are talking about a length of 6 cm more, a width of 7 cm and even a height of 18 cm higher than the donor model. One of the main distinguishing features of the Model Y is the trunk: its volume is about 600 liters, plus 80 liters in the front trunk, and increases to 1900 liters with the seats folded. There are also buttons with which you can conveniently fold the second row and use all the available space.

Two recesses on the sides and two secret compartments are very convenient for carrying small luggage or hiding valuables. There is no shelf, but the rear windows are very dark and it is almost impossible to see what you are carrying. Later, the already mentioned seven-seater version will appear, in which two additional seats will appear in the third row.

It is clear that the innovation of the Model Y does not lie in its appearance, which is very similar to the appearance of the Model 3, from which it inherited about 70% of its components. Some details are changing, such as the tires, which are wider on the Model Y.

Another reason to choose the Model Y at 4.75 meters is the increased ground clearance, which many appreciate for its better visibility and road control. However, this affected the aerodynamics and, as a result, the power reserve.

The seats are the same as in the Model 3, but Tesla has added height adjustment. The interior remains minimalist, and the controls are effectively controlled by the central 15-inch display, which has the same features we already know.

One feature that works especially well with Model Y is Dog Mode. The large trunk is suitable for a dog, and when you turn on the mode, Tesla will leave the air conditioner on as soon as you park and get out of the car to keep your four-legged friend cool.

In terms of passengers, the Model Y offers 4 centimeters more headroom and 13 centimeters more legroom compared to the Model 3. By the way, the seats can also be adjusted to further improve comfort. There is also a panoramic glass roof that runs across the entire roof and gives the feeling of spaciousness.

The car is offered in a version with a capacity of 351 hp. and a cruising range of 505 km, which develops a maximum speed of 217 km / h and sprints up to 100 km/h in 5 seconds, as well as in a sports performance with a capacity of 462 hp. with a power reserve of 480 km, 241 km / h and 3.7 seconds per sprint. The price difference between the two versions is around 8,000 euros, the first version costs just under 61,000 euros in Italy and the second almost 69,000 euros. Germany has a subsidy of 5,000 euros.

For charging, the Model Y is equipped with an 11 kW AC and 250 kW DC charger. It can of course be quickly charged in a Tesla Supercharger, but also at home from a wall box or wall outlet.

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