Sales of new cars in Germany in June fell by a third

Sales of new cars in Germany in June fell by a third

July 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

At the same time, the German car market continues to lead in Europe in terms of sales of new cars.

Specialists of the analytics and statistics agency Avtostat published data from the German Automobile Industry Association (VDA), which refers to the volume of sales of new cars in June 2020. Last month, German residents purchased 220,272 new cars, which is 32.3% lower than last year’s figure for the same period. Between the beginning of January and the end of June, German dealers were able to sell 1,210,622 thousand new cars (-34.5%). This result has become the worst for the country in the last 30 years.

The most popular cars of local brands continue to remain. Most often, residents of Germany opt for Volkswagen cars – in June they sold 39 126 units. (-37.2%). In second place is Mercedes-Benz with a score of 21,970 units. (-8.7%). TOP-3 is supplemented by another BMW premium brand with an indicator of 18,075 cars sold (-29.4%).

Fourth place goes to the most popular foreign brand – Ford dealers in Germany were able to sell 16,145 new cars (-35.6%). Complementing the TOP-5 Audi, whose cars sold 15 597 units. (-35.3%).

Earlier it became known that Norway has become a world leader in the share of electric cars sold in the automotive market. In the future, the country plans to completely transfer vehicles to electricity.