Sales of Chinese electric vehicles under the BYD brand went negative

Sales of Chinese electric vehicles under the BYD brand went negative

August 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

One of the largest Chinese automakers specializing in the production of electric vehicles, spoke about the results of its sales for seven months of 2020.

From January to July this year, BYD sold 75,777 of its electric cars. This figure was almost 54 percent lower than last year.

In July, fans of environmentally friendly cars purchased 15,100 BYD electric cars. For comparison, a year earlier the result of the brand was higher – 16 567 cars. Such statistics are cited by the Xinhua news agency.

At the same time, it is noted that petrol auto brands in the conditions of the crisis in the industry in the reporting period felt better: the volumes of their sales were still managed to revive. So, for seven months, dealers handed over to buyers 114,233 cars with gasoline engines, which indicates an almost 18 percent increase in demand.

BYD began its history with the production of electronics. The company was very successful in this area, and when BYD began to present their first electric cars, it became clear that this brand produces advanced “green” models.

Earlier, our portal said that the Chinese BYD presented the latest power unit. It is a new engine under the brand name Xiaoyun, as well as a modern seven-stage “robot”. Former BMW Group motor expert Uwe Heuer worked on the innovative engine.