Subaru BRZ tS sales will resume in 2020

Subaru BRZ tS sales will resume in 2020

July 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This spectacular car entered the market last year and enjoyed a well-deserved interest among fans of the Japanese automaker.

Last year, American motorists could become the owners of the stylish Japanese sports car Subaru BRZ tS. This is a kind of budget analogue of the “charged” version of the STI. Recall that the Japanese with the “tS” attachment, as a rule, modify the chassis and aerodynamics, without touching the power unit. So it happened. This model, equipped with a 205-horsepower engine, could boast of a revised suspension with new shock absorbers, aerodynamic body kit and original 18-inch wheels.

Now, however, it became known that, according to the EPA company, next year the Subaru BRZ tS will be on sale again. This model will be different from its predecessor, improved performance and lower fuel consumption. The latter will have a positive impact on the environmental parameters of the sport coupe.

In 2018, for the most affordable Subaru BRZ tS, it was necessary to give 34,355 dollars. What price tag model will receive in the 2020th – is not yet known.